5 Tips To Have More Success & Satisfaction In Your Career

You're a result-driven, heart-centered experienced corporate manager. You bring your heart, mind, drive and spirit to work.

You want a rewarding career that allows you to leverage your strengths, make a difference and enjoy your life.

You're done with coming home night after night burnout, exhausted and depleted.

You want a passionate, balanced and fulfilling career.

My 5 favorite tips will help you:

  1. Envision your most successful and satisfying career What responsibilities do you find interesting and stimulating? Which projects excite you? What do YOU want more of in your career? Your quick thinking and strong analytical skills are valuable. However, at this stage you need to reflect and connect with your heart and engage your imagination.
  2. Get the support that will help you to thrive Build relationships with supportive, encouraging and other heart-centered business professionals who will celebrate your successes, tell you the truth and help you when you are stuck.
  3. Focus on what you want more of versus what you are capable of doing You've experienced significant achievements throughout your career. Which of your strengths do you want to improve and leverage? Focus on the impact YOU want to have on your team, with your clients and in the organization versus exclusively focusing on want you're capable of.
  4. Do things that both energize AND challenge you Your career breakthrough will not happen by you doing more of the same. Challenging? Unnerving? Uncomfortable? Exciting? It should be! That's part of the process. You'll need to rely on your creative and resourceful skills. These will help you to take inspired, focused and committed action.
  5. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Celebrate your short and long term wins, no matter how small you think they are! Lasting success is in the journey.