Harness the Power of Celebration - Applied to Business From the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

One question that I ask all new clients is this...

"If you had unlimited time and money what would you do?" Sadly the answer that I very often get is that "they would stay doing what they were doing now"

Too often people do not have an end goal in mind. They are running a race with no finish. How many sports games would you watch that did not keep score? None!

How many successful people do you know that have no definite goals in mind? Does this apply to you?

When I hear clients say this, it reminds me that I must coach them into understanding the power of goal setting. This is not just important for them, its critical for their team and their business success.

Goal Setting for many people, is a bridge too far. Its seen as a waste of time, carries no weight, does not do anything.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. They have never actually done it properly
  2. They have never established the "Why" they are doing this in the first place
  3. They have never decided on the reward for achievement of goals
  4. They wanted instant gratification and felt that just writing the goal, it should manifest itself.

If you want to achieve success in your life, you must set goals and more importantly you must celebrate the achievement of these goals.

Break that down further for your team. Each member of your team will have goals and objectives. On achievement of these objectives, there needs to be celebration. People need this and you need this as well.

Celebrating wins like this is great for team building and it also is reflected in your relations with your customer. They will want to be part of your business and they will tell others about it.

In the same way, we coach business owner into find their team doing the right thing and giving praise. It's powerful stuff.

If you are considering a change of career or are considering starting your own business, understand that this is a big step. Break down the process into achievable goals and milestones. Share these milestones with someone who can hold you accountable for completing them but also someone who will celebrate their achievement with you.

Reflecting on the clients with no vision, I understand that they have been missing the power of celebration and goals within their business. I help them to rectify this.